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[You Are Here] Transformation (22nd April)

(You can hear the recording of the talk here)

You Are Here

Part 5 – Romans 8:26-30

We are spending 5 weeks finding our bearings, using the eighth chapter of Paul’s Letter to the Romans.  We want to step outside of the familiar habits of church and Christian life and look around at the life we have in Jesus.

We missed a couple of talks because of the snow in March, so we’re catching up. Adam did our fourth instalment, but the fifth talk (get your head around that!!!)

It’s a busy week – so notes are a bit briefer this week

Things to consider:

Adam was looking at Romans 8:26-30

He used the picture of breathing in and breathing out

Breathing in is to take in God’s love and goodness
Breathing out is when we step out and give that love and goodness away.

If we only breath in or only breath out our bodies don’t work. In the same way we’re made to receive God’s love and give it away.

  • What for you are breathing in and breathing out?
  • Do you feel you have a good balance and rhythm?
  • Has there been a time when you felt you’ve been really good at either breathing in and out? Do you think there’s a correlation with that feeling fading and you not doing the opposite breath?

Adam talked about how sometimes we keep thinking we can only do the breathing out when we feel ready – so we keep trying to breathe in. In his experience he found that it felt like the ‘breathing in’ stopped having effect and it wasn’t until he took the brave step to ‘breathe out’ by taking a risk to bless people at his workplace that he felt like he got a fresh ‘lungful’ of God’s goodness.

He talked about two calls on his life – the call of God and the call of fear. When he listens to fear it stops him ‘breathing’ properly. The fear pushes him to try and breathe in more and more because it feels safe – but in actual fact, God who knows and wants the best for us has built us to breathe out too!

  • What do you think God might be calling you to right now?
    • Even simple steps?
    • Is it to breathe in? Is it to breathe out? Is it both?
  • What is fear saying?
    • What ways might fear try to disrupt our breathing in and out?
    • Even if the fear is true (which it probably isn’t) what’s the worst that could happen?
    • How do we push through the fear?


Bible verses to consider:

Jeremiah 29:11

Ephesians 2:10




Posted on 26th April 2018
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