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[You Are Here] Spirit v. Flesh (15th April)

(You can hear the recording of the talk here)

You Are Here

Part 2 – Romans 8:5-13

We are spending 5 weeks finding our bearings, using the eighth chapter of Paul’s Letter to the Romans.  We want to step outside of the familiar habits of church and Christian life and look around at the life we have in Jesus.

We missed a couple of talks because of the snow in March, so we’re catching up. Ben did our fourth instalment, but the second talk!

Things to consider:

Romans 8:5-13

Ben was talking about the two options Paul suggests we live out our life from – the flesh or the Spirit.

Rather than thinking this is about a life doing good things or bad things, this isn’t as much about behaviour as it is about our mindest and beliefs.  How do we see the world and our place inside it? It is from these beliefs our actions flow.

He defined life in the flesh as the “you” that is shaped by a life apart from God. It is where we take all the needs that God is supposed to fulfil and look elsewhere.

Life in the Spirit is when we align ourselves with the reality God defines and believe what he says about us, our situation and our purpose.

Ben talked about the original identity for people as defined in Genesis 1:26-31.  Then after the fall people look elsewhere for meaning, identity, significance and security.  Paul himself looked to religious piety in Philippians 3:4-7.

Through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection we are invited to come out of our own efforts to find life and instead discover it in God.

We can start to identify those places where we are living by the flesh and when we realise we’re seeking life from these things, repent and ask God for forgiveness. If we ask him to help us and shape us into a new pattern of living we’re actually praying a prayer he can’t wait to answer (although – he may not seem to work as fast as we would like!)



Ephesians 1:3-8

This passage decsribes is the reality of life with God.  Read it through carefully and try to get beyond the religious sounding nature of it.  Think about what the passage is actually saying.

What bits stand out to you?  What ideas in the passage do you find hard to believe?  What do you find easy to believe?  How does your life line up with this passage?  Where are the gaps?  Pray through what comes up.


Judges 6:11-16

Ben used the story of Gideon as an example where there is a tension between the beliefs we have about ourselves and the reality God has for us.  The verses in Judges 6:11-16 bring this to focus, but you could read Gideon’s whole stroy in Judges 6 and 7.

What steps does Gideon need to make to start to see his identity be transformed from the flesh into the Spirit?  Is it alwasy easy?  What is God like in this process?  How does this story give us some principles that might impact your life?





Posted on 15th April 2018
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