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[Worship Values] Intimacy

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Worship Values


We’re thinking about the Vineyard Worship Values, spending one week looking at each one.

Today we were thinking about Intimacy.


Intimacy with God is the scandalous paradox that we can be incredibly close to the awesome, creator of the universe.

Dave shared three thoughts on intimacy:

1. Intimacy tells us about how God loves us

  • Sometimes we can know the fact that God loves us, but doubt the reality.  It’s like it is God’s job to love us
  • Intimacy tells us that God doesn’t love us from a distant or because it’s on his job description. He doesn’t do it grudgingly.  He takes us into his family and draws us close
  • See – 1 John 3:1Isaiah 40:11

2. Intimacy means God knows all about us – and loves us anyway

  • Sometimes we have parts of our lives we want to hide from God… but of course this is ridiculous, he knows everything
  • Where we have stuff that is not so good we shouldn’t try to hide it from God but we should allow him in
  • It’s really powerful to realise God loves us even with all our mess
  • See – 1 Corinthians 1:28-30Romans 5:6-8

3. Intimacy is pleasurable


Things to Consider

  • How do you feel about God’s love? Dave talked about how he often felt that it’s something everyone else got in a way he didn’t. Do you relate to this?
  • How does the ‘fact’ of God loving you make a difference in your life?
  • In what ways do we experience God’s love – can you think of times when the active reality of God’s  and in what ways does this play out in our lives?
  • How does God’s love help us with things like fear, hope and the thought of the future?
  • What Bible verses help you to grasp God’s love a bit better? Why? (If you don’t know, why not Google “Bible verses about God’s love” and read some to see if anything captures your imagination)
  • How can we grow in our assurance of God’s love?



Posted on 4th November 2018
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