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[Worship Values] Integrity

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Worship Values


We’re thinking about the Vineyard Worship Values, spending one week looking at each one.

Today we were thinking about Integrity.  Rachel spoke about how this is important in our Sung Worship and how the Worship Team work this value into what they do.

Mark Stanbury spoke about how this value is important in our everyday life.

Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching – CS Lewis

If we think of worship as the aligning of our heart and our desires to Jesus and his desires, to be worshippers we’re on a journey to make this true in our lives.  This is why many of the words that we sing are aspirational.

Growing in integrity is us closing that gap from where we are and where we want to be.

We live with many conflicting desires – opposing things that we want but are mutually exclusive.  We want to be lazy and we want to be fit, for example.

In Jesus we see someone who had total integrity – his desires aligned with God’s.  Mark looked at the account of his temptation to show how, when faced with conflicting desires, Jesus always chose to do the right thing.  See Luke 4:1-14.

Mark also talked about Daniel as an example of someone who was known for his integrity.  See Daniel 6:3-5.



Mark also went through the story of Jacob, a man with very little integrity, but someone who meets with God and is changed.  See Genesis 32:24-28 and Genesis 33:20.

After he wrestles with God Jacob is on a journey of becoming Israel.  Sometimes he is referred to as Jacob and sometimes Israel.  Sometimes he chooses his desire and sometimes he chooses God’s.



  • How much of your life is centred around what God wants?  Think about your time, energy, finances.
    • Has there been a journey? Are there decisions you’re making now that you weren’t 5 years ago? Do you think you would surprise your 5-year-ago self?
    • What are the next steps Jesus is asking you to make?  Where is there a gap between God’s desires and what you’re doing? Where is God challenging you?
  • Who are examples of integrity for you? Why? What is it about them that make you notice their integrity? These might be from the Bible or real life.
  • On Sunday 16th at 4pm we have our Christmas service. Who could you pray for and invite? This is a great opportunity for us to integrate our church family with our everyday life.
    • Why might it be difficult to invite someone? What’s the worst that could happen?
    • Does it make a difference if were think about God’s desires, rather than our fears?



Posted on 20th November 2018
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