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Women in Leadership?

We’ve been working through the letters to Timothy in the New Testament on Sunday mornings, looking at general principles that would help us in our everyday lives.

But the letters also have lots of very specific (and cultural) instructions and I mentioned last Sunday that there were some controversial verses in the letter that people interpret differently. A prime example; the role women are able to play in ministry.

I briefly mentioned how the Vineyard deals with this, but if you want to know more I really recommend the following talk by Rich Nathan, pastor of Columbus Vineyard in the US.

You can listen to the talk or read a transcript here or here’s a video of the talk. It’s good stuff!


And, if you’re interested in these controversial issues, he also has done a great talk called, “How Should Christians Relate to the State of Israel?” You can read the transcript here or listen to the podcast here.


Posted on 30th March 2015
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