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[Why We Meet] Supernatural Together (4th Feb)

(You can hear the recording of the talk here)

Why We Meet

Supernatural Together

We’re thinking about the times when we meet – on Sunday mornings and in Core Groups.  Why do we do it, how should we approach these times and what should our expectation be?

We’ve thought about being, singing and learning together. Today we were thinking about how we include the supernatural into our meetings.

Some things consider:

There’s a phrase sometimes used in the Vineyard – naturally supernatural.  This is a way of saying things don’t need to be weird or strange when we’re open to the supernatural. In fact, it should be really a normal and everyday part of our life.

With this in mind have you ever experienced the supernatural in normal ways? Perhaps in the sung worship or during a talk? What about when you’re praying or even in your normal day – have you ever seen or heard something that has felt like God is communicating with you? Share your experience. Do you notice how diverse God’s interaction with us is?

How do you feel about the idea of the supernatural in church? Is it something you’re excited about? Or nervous?  Does it appeal to you or do you feel it’s not terribly important to you?

What is your experience of the supernatural in church settings? What have you liked? What have you struggled with?

Dave spent some time explaining the how and why of the supernatural – about how the future age, the Kingdom of God, is breaking into this current age? Was this view helpful? Does it make the supernatural seem more or less accessible?

Something to try:

Central to our theology is every single follower of Jesus (even those at the very start of their journey) can hear God and experience his kingdom now. Often the faith required is just a willingness to take a risk and try. And if it doesn’t work, don’t be too discouraged and try again.

There are lots of ways to practice this and it is not irreverent to have fun and try things.

Perhaps try having words for each other. This is asking God to speak to you to encourage other people in your Core Group.  “Words” might be an idea that comes into your head and really feels like it’s just your idea, but actually God has put it there. Some people see mental images in their mind’s eye. Some have a sense in their gut. You can talk in your group about the ways that other people hear God.

To make things safe, words should always be positive – not negative. And they shouldn’t be directive (i.e. you’re going to marry a redhead or you should leave your job).

We always give words knowing we might be wrong – so we don’t do “This is definitely what the Lord says to you…”  We’re much more about saying “I have this sense…” or “I felt like God might be saying…”

Sometimes you can get a ‘word’ but not know what it means.  You can still give it as they may know. Or you can ask God what it means. Sometimes it can help to give it like this: “I feel like I had the word ‘journey’ for you – and I wonder if it means such-and-such but that might be my own interpretation”

You could write your name on a piece of paper and then fold it up. Distribute the bits of folder paper around the group and without looking at the name on the paper, ask God to speak through you for the mystery person.

Pray and then wait for a minute or so – it doesn’t matter if you don’t ‘get’ anything, but similarly if you’re not sure you might as well say it – it can be incredibly encouraging when you find out something you thought was too random or simple is actually really relevant for that person.

At the end of the minute, share your word and then look at whose name you had it for! The scariest bit can be asking if it makes any sense to them.

Put out a load of random objects on the table.  Ask God to use the objects to speak to you about the other people in the group. Use the objects as metaphors for what God might want to say – for example, perhaps there’s a fork on the table and, in some hard to describe way, the fork just stands out to you, as does Fred.  What might God be saying? Ask him. Perhaps, in the end, you find yourself thinking about how a fork holds the food in the right place and so you say to Fred, “Fred, I think God is saying you should be encouraged because, whether you feel it or not, he is holding you in exactly the right place. He is with you and you’re where he wants you to be.” Or something like that!


There are other games you can try. Have fun and experiment!!!



Posted on 4th February 2018
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