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[Why We Meet] Learning Together (28th Jan)

(You can hear the recording of the talk here)

Why We Meet

Learning Together

We’re thinking about the times when we meet – on Sunday mornings and in Core Groups.  Why do we do it, how should we approach these times and what should our expectation be?

Today we were thinking about learning together.

Mark talked about the link in Jesus’ life of his teaching, his miracles and the coming of the kingdom.  He suggested when we chose to learn from God we open ourselves up to the Kingdom of God.

He looked at Matthew 4:23, Mark 1:12-22, John 14:23-24 and Matthew 28:16-20.

Some things consider:

  • Mark’s challenge was around two dynamics when we meet together to learn – expectation and willingness
  • Do we expect to learn and are we expecting to be challenged?
  • Are we willing to act on what we hear – whether it is a personal change or passing on what we’ve learned to osmeone else?
  • What are your expectations on learning when you come on Sunday morning or to Core Group? What do you do to prepare yourself?  How can we fully engage with what’s being taught?
  • How would you understand and explain Mark’s idea that learning opens us to the Kingdom of God?  Have you experienced this?
  • Do you have stories of when you’ve learned something that has led to change in your life or you doing something you wouldn’t have otherwise done? How would this help you understand or explain Mark’s idea of willingness?



Posted on 28th January 2018
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