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Talk Notes: Words of Affirmation (24th Sept ’17)

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Love Languages of God

Words of Affirmation

We are spending 6 Sundays giving space to the idea that God passionately, irrationally, unrelentingly and freely loves us.  Since it’s easier said than understood or grasped, we’re using Gary Chapman’s concept of the 5 Love Languages to help us think about God’s love.

Today, in our fourth week, Dave is thinking about Words of Affirmation.  We thought about how central to our understanding of God is the idea that he ‘speaks’.  He speaks the universe into existence, the Bible is called the “Word of God” and Jesus is God’s word made flesh.

We looked at the Father’s Love Letter – a resource that collects the words and promises of God from throughout the Bible into a personal and intimate letter to you…

You can see/read/listen to it here: www.fathersloveletter.com

Some things consider:

  • You could look at all of the collected verses in the Father’s Love Letter – do any jump out at you? Do any surprise you or make you think about God’s love differently?
  • How do you find God speaks to you?
    • Think back right to the start of your faith journey? How did God grab your attention and draw you to himself?
    • What sort of ways do you hear God now? Is it possible you hear him without realising?
  • In your group you could do an exercise to try and hear God for each other
    • Perhaps you could put someone into the ‘hot seat’ and then spend 2 minutes ‘listening’ to God for something encouraging for them. Since God often nudges and whispers, don’t expect a booming voice. If an idea or sense of something comes into your head, and it’s positive and encouraging, then share it with them. Then swap around and try someone else
    • Or you can collect a load of random objects and have them laid out. Ask God to speak to you through the object for someone else. So for example… maybe one of the objects is a lipstick… perhaps you might feel the lipstick has some meaning Fred and on further reflection you feel that God might be saying that, like the lipstick which is used to make someone beautiful, God finds Fred beautiful (silly example, but hopefully you get the idea)




Posted on 25th September 2017
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