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Talk Notes: Identity (15th Oct ’17)

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Called To…

Called to… Identity

For this All-Together Service we thought about how we find our identity.  Rather than by what we look like or what we do, we thought about how our true identity comes from God.

We looked at Matthew 16:13-18 and noticed three things about identity.

  1. We need to be connected to God to obtain our true identity
  2. God give us our true identity – it is something he has planned and designed
  3. Our identity leads us into our purpose – we have an identity to do particular acts for God’s kingdom

Some Bible verses to look at:

Some things consider:

  • How do you think about identity? Have you ever boxed someone in and then realised your assessment of them was wrong?
  • How have you formed your own identity? How is it attached to what you can do or what you look like?
  • Where is there conflict over your identity? Where do you feel you’re not enough on your own? Where are you trying to form your own identity or feel insecure about how people see you?
  • How do you connect yourself to God? What could you do this week?




Posted on 16th October 2017
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