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Talk Notes: Called to… significance (26th Nov 2017)

(Sorry… the talk wasn’t recorded this week)

Called To…

Called to… significance

We are thinking about the callings we have on us as followers of Jesus.

In today’s service Mark was thinking about how significant we are. It can be hard to feel significant when confronted with the vastness of space and surrounded by 7 billion people.

Gideon felt the same when God called him to rescue the Israelites in Judges 6:11-15 – but his feeling was out of touch with the reality of God…


  • We are created in God’s image
    • We can discover what we are like by discovering what God is like – and we do this through how he reveals himself in his names in the Bible
  • We are purchased by Jesus
    • Value comes from what someone will pay for it – and we we worth the cost of Jesus’ life – 1 Corinthians 6:19
  • We are the temple of the Holy Spirit 
    • Ephesians 2:21 – the point where the Holy and awesome creator of the universe touches the earth is now in us! Unlike the temple – static in one place – now we take God with us wherever we go

We are bestowed with significance, but our significance comes to the fore when we are around the people and situations we’re called to make a significant difference to.  This is different for each people and it comes out of how God has made us each an individual.  We can consider our SHAPE to think about this:

  • S – Spiritual Gifts
  • H – Heart
  • A – Abilities
  • P – Personality
  • E – Experiences

Mark encouraged us to especially think about our heart this morning – ask questions like: What makes us excited? What makes us angry? What group of people do we feel compassion for?

Mark encouraged us to find others with similar hearts and work together to have significance beyond what we could manage on our own.

He finished with the poem – “Common Cold of the Soul” by Gregg Levoy, which you can read here.




Posted on 28th November 2017
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