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Talk Notes: Called to… be hospitable (12th Nov 2017)

(Sorry… the talk wasn’t recorded this week)

Called To…

Called to… be hospitable

We continue to unpack what being ‘light’ to those around us means – from the passage in Matthew 5:14-16


Today we were thinking about what it means to live a hospitable life – beyond being welcoming and helpful with our homes – we were thinking about how to live a welcoming and helpful life.

We looked at 1 Peter 4:7-11.

Dave worked though the passage and made 5 points:

  1. We start by praying, and pray with urgency
  2. Hospitality is an act of love – and love requires us to open our lives to others. You can’t love at arm’s length
  3. Share (the NLT version on link above interprets verse 9 and makes it about your home, which is interesting as Jesus didn’t have one but he was hospitable.  The more literal translation would be, ‘be hospitable to one another without grumbling’). Peter makes being hospitable into more than an attitude or intention… it leads to something
  4. Use your gifts in God’s strength – speaking and serving… basically words and deeds to help others
  5. This points towards God – ultimately we do this to point towards God’s glory, not our own – Just as Jesus says in Matthew 5:16

Applying to our lives 

What do these 5 ideas look like in your life? Where do you see them in action? Where are there opportunities to do more?

Dave spoke about us, as children of God, having the responsibility to bring about culture change in the environments we find ourselves. What places can we see we could or should make a difference, however small?  How could we do it?

A Biblical Theme 

Where else in the Bible do we see this idea of being hospitable? I’m sure you can think of loads, but here’s a starter…



Posted on 14th November 2017
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