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Talk Notes: Called to… be ambassadors (10th Dec 2017)

(Sorry… the talk wasn’t recorded this week)

Called To…

Called to… be ambassadors

We are thinking about the amazing things we are called to do as followers of Jesus.

In today’s service Alan spoke about the passage in 2 Corinthians 5:17-20 – we are called to be ambassadors of Christ.  The word ambassador gets used in a variety of ways today, but 2,000 years ago it had a clear meaning, which helps us to understand what Paul meant:

  • An ambassador was a representative of the King
  • They would be placed by the king in a specific place
  • They would live there, not just visit occasionally
  • It was a full-time activity… you were an ambassador, it wasn’t something you did
  • The ambassador was specially chosen and held in high regard by the king – and other people
  • They we authorised to speak the king’s words and perform his actions
  • They had to think and act like the king, which meant they needed to know the king, not just know about him


Alan talked about this being an overwhelming idea, but he then looked at Luke 10:1-9 to unpack how Jesus expected this to work:

  • Jesus sent his followers where he wanted them, but this was into normal life
    • For us we need to see our neighbours, colleagues, family and friends as the people we are to be ambassadors to
    • This doesn’t need to seem unnatural or difficult. Jesus’ description of a person of peace is someone who you like and who likes you. Someone you click with, who is interested in you and your story
    • This is the way we see Paul and Peter spreading the good news in the book of Acts, looking out for the individuals that God is already working on and working with God to unlock new places and communities
  • Often the focus has been on people “becoming a Christian”, but Jesus send his disciples out to bless people.  We should celebrate planting seeds and helping people move towards God.
    • Alan talked about the Engel Scale, which is a good way of understanding the journey from not knowing about God to discovering him and becoming a disciple.  Moving people up the scale is what we are called to do as ambassadors:
  • There’s no rush – ambassadors are long term placements, living alongside the people they are sent to represent the king to


Some things consider:

Think about how you feel about representing Christ as an ambassador. What objections does this raise? How well do you feel you fit into the description above of an ambassador? Where might you need to pay attention to your life?

Think about your situation and the people around you. Who might God have placed on your heart as a “person of peace” – using Alan’s guidelines?




Posted on 11th December 2017
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