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Talk Notes: Called to… be a blessing (19th Nov 2017)

(Sorry… the talk wasn’t recorded this week)

Called To…

Called to… be a blessing

We continue to unpack what being ‘light’ to those around us means – from the passage in Matthew 5:14-16

In today’s All Together Service  we were thinking about what the calling of Abram in Genesis 12:2-3. We are blessed by God to be a blessing to others.



Common blessings are blessings everyone experiences – see Matthew 5:45 – things like weather, edible plants, innovation, medicine and so on.

Special blessings are blessings God gives to specific people, and might be a talent or skill, or the blessings we experience when we trust lives to Jesus – see Ephesians 1:2-14.



We are called to be a blessing. We have opportunities to encourage and help this happen, or we can block it happening.  Here’s some ways:

  1. Thankfulness – we are blessed to be a blessing, so we need to start by knowing we are blessed. So many of our blessings, especially the common blessings, we take for granted
    • How might being thankful for our blessings help us bless others?
    • How might not being thankful actually stop us being a blessing?
    • What blessing have you started to take for granted? What could you do this week to see it fresh and be thankful for it?
    • Look at the passage in Ephesians 1:2-14 – it’s an incredibly dense bit of writing as Paul tries to capture the blessing we have because we are ‘united with Christ’.  What jumps out at you? Can you start to unpick it?
  2. See – the first component of blessing someone is to see them with love
    • Why might we stop noticing people around us? How could we stop doing this? Who do you think you’ve stopped noticing?
    • The beginning of blessing is “I’m happy to see you” – who, or what type of people, do you have this reaction with?
    • The opposite of a blessing is a curse – this is when you see someone and judge them critically. Think about what sort of people you judge – or what things trigger a critical reaction in you.  How could you change this reaction into a loving one?
  3. Say / Act – To bless someone we need to do something
    • What things have people done or said to bless you in the past few days?  Do you think they always knew they were being a blessing to you?
    • What opportunities do you have to bless people?  What opportunities might you have to bless the people you’ve stopped noticing from the question above?
  4. Sacrifice – blessing requires you to give some of your life to them, just as our blessings came through Jesus’ sacrifice
    • A blessing costs us something – usually time, energy or our resources – so if it’s too easy to say or do, perhaps we’re not really blessing someone… but a commitment to put prayer behind our words or deed might be a start
    • What ways have we seen blessings cost the person giving the blessing – perhaps from personal experience (receiving or giving) or perhaps we’ve seen it around us?
    • Why do you think sacrifice is important?




Posted on 19th November 2017
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