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The Christmas Story…
14th December 2015
We had a great time yesterday at our BIG Christmas Service.  Some photos will follow, but here here the videos of the children explaining the Christmas Story.  
Mustard Seed Kingdom
16th November 2015
What a great video...   Check out more of their videos here.
Judging by status
12th July 2015
This morning we were talking about Jesus' incredibly challenging and radical ideas about status in the Kingdom of God.  You can catch up on the talk here. But I promised a video that puts something of this into context. Given how we might look upon homeless people (or choose to
Heaven & Earth (Theology Made Interesting)
11th July 2015
The Vineyard was one of the first church movements that took the idea of Kingdom Theology out of university theology departments (where it was known as inaugurated eschatology - which hardly rolls off the tongue) and put it into practice in our churches (so it becomes enacted
The Gathering!
2nd May 2015
We're sorting out bookings for this summer's Gathering - a bloke's camping weekend organised by CVM. Here's a reminder of what happened last year. The Gathering 2014 from Exeter Vineyard on Vimeo.  
Keeping Attention in Church
21st April 2015
Some good suggestions here that we'll be seeking to implement soon!
Women in Leadership?
30th March 2015
We've been working through the letters to Timothy in the New Testament on Sunday mornings, looking at general principles that would help us in our everyday lives. But the letters also have lots of very specific (and cultural) instructions and I mentioned last Sunday that