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Getting established in church
14th September 2015
Do you ever do something and then realise it was probably God, because what you did was far better than you have any right to do on your own?  I've just had one of those moments with some advice I gave a few months ago, and I thought it might encourage you too! Finding a church where we feel connected and involved, with good relationships and a sense of belonging can be really tough. A few months ago I had a text conversation with an
Goodbye Gemma
24th July 2015
Gemma's been our fantastic intern this last year - doing some great stuff with the youth and really helping behind the scenes.  We had a farewell lunch with her yesterday and, following her comment that living without central heating isn't hard except your nose gets cold, we bought
Keeping Attention in Church
21st April 2015
Some good suggestions here that we'll be seeking to implement soon!