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[Shine] On A Stand/We All Get To Shine

(These notes cover two talks, click to listen – On A Stand and Everyone Gets To Shine)


We All Get To Shine

As we prepare for the Joyfest week, we’re spending three weeks looking at Jesus’ command that inspired the event, from Matthew 5:14-16.

“You are the light of the world — like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden. No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.”

These notes pick up the second and third talks in the series.

First, Dave talked about what it means to be “a light on a stand”.  We thought about how our lives might feel random (in fact, they could be random) but God somehow has still positioned us exactly where he wants us to shine.

  • Think about your life – the places you spend your time and who you find yourself around.  How have you ended up where you are? Can you think of key moments, or was it a lot of small, gradual decisions?
    • How much did you involve God in those decisions?  Dave said if we’ve already given God control of our lives then he’s already involved.  Do you find this easy to believe, or do you think there needs to be lots of specific prayer for it to ‘feel’ like he’s interested and involved.
  • Still thinking about the places and people – even down to those that you just skim by in your normal life… do you feel like God has placed you there for a purpose?
    • Jesus is saying that he has.  How can you start to test and learn to believe this?
    • What could you do, perhaps in the spirit of Joyfest, to try to shine in these places?
  • As you go about your life over the next couple of days ask God to show you places where he’s placed you but you haven’t really noticed because it seems to ordinary or mundane

Dave looked at the account of the demonised man in Mark 5:1-20 to see this in practice.

See at the bottom for someone else’s reaction to this idea Jesus is making…



Then last Sunday Caroline talked about who Jesus is talking to – the disciples and a growing crowds – who weren’t anybody special, and in fact probably were the least likely people you’d expect.

She talked about how Jesus gave these people a new identity – you are the light of the world.  Not you could be, or if you try really hard you might one day become.  He’s saying this is who you are, now just be yourself and shine.

  • What are the objections that your brain raises when you think about this? What is the image you have of someone who is shining God’s light?  This may not be rational, but try to define what your subconscious thinks someone like this looks like.
    • Where does this idea come from?
    • What makes it hard to believe Jesus’ words – especially why do we often feel that Jesus is talking about other people and somehow we don’t quite measure up or try hard enough to qualify?
  • Have you done anything, perhaps through Joyfest, to challenge this idea?  What could you do?



Anna posted this to our Facebook group, and it really illustrates the above ideas:

As I was walking home today I felt God nudge me to re-listen to the podcast of Dave’s talk from the Sunday before last. Just wanted to share the last page of my notes from this evening (I go a bit overboard with colour oops) – I think God has said that this will encourage someone in this fb group.

We rent a flat in the city centre and often feel it’s random and to be honest a bit loud and bustly for us. But God has really shown me this evening that it’s intentional. If you’re a visual person like me, I would really recommend drawing out the places you ‘randomly’ spend your time, and declaring the truth that you are strategically placed and God has given you the agency to shine His light all over your spheres, revealing those incredible God colours!! It worked wonders for me, and now feeling so purposeful and grateful in our little loud flat.

(I just popped downstairs to our local store for chocolate and ended up paying for the guy’s shop in front of me – a 6 pack of corona and some loo roll 😆 #surrealjoyfestmoments ) Hope you all had joyous Tuesdays!





Posted on 5th June 2018
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