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[Joy Worth Sharing] Joy In Risk

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Joy Worth Sharing

Joy In Risk

In the lead up to Joyfest, we’re spending three weeks thinking about the joy we find in God that is worth sharing with others.

Today, Adam looked at the story in Matthew 14:22-33. He made the point that most Bible translations have chosen to title this section “Jesus Walks On Water” but the really amazing part of the story is that Peter walks on water.

When Adam went through the story he really thought about all the details mentioned in the text and used his imagination to picture what happened. So he asked things like, ‘how did Peter get out of the boat?’ or ‘how far did Peter walk?’ or ‘how did Jesus and Peter get back to the boat?’

  • Did any of these capture your imagination?
  • Did they make you see the story in a new light?
  • What new aspects or meaning did you see?
  • How do these make you see God, or how we follow him, differently?

Adam talked about Jesus’ comment to Peter in verse 31, “Oh man of little faith.” Adam didn’t think this was a criticism but Jesus light-heartedly teasing Peter. What do you think? Why?

Adam’s favourite bit is verse 28 – “Lord if it is you, bid me to come to you on the water.” Adam talked about how God doesn’t mind us asking him for bold things, and the help to do them.

  • What does this represent for you?
  • Where are you thinking God might be calling you but you’re feeling afraid, intimidated or overwhelmed?

Sometimes this story is used to paint Peter as a failure – someone with a lack of faith who started to sink – rather than the only person, apart from Jesus, that we know of walking on water. Of course, he did start to sink, but it was in taking the risk and then failing that he learnt so much about God and himself.

  • How do you think about failure?
  • What have you failed at in the past?
  • How do you feel about it now?
  • What risks are you currently taking?
  • How conscious are you of the possibility of failure?

The Bible is full of people who seem to have failed at things.  Can you think of any?




Posted on 7th May 2018
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