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How The Swiss Roll (18th Feb)

(You can hear the recording of the talk here)

How The Swiss Roll

This morning we were joined by René and Stephan, the pastors of Olten Vineyard in Switzerland.  They had just spent 3 days with our Core Group leaders for a learning retreat.  Today they shared about their understanding of the mission God gives us, his church.

Some things consider:

René looked at Mattthew 9:36-38.

He pointed out that Jesus says the issue isn’t with the harvest, it’s with the workers.  Do you think this is true? Does it feel true? Do you look around and see people where God is already at work?

How might we tell? What signs or clues might people give? What might we have to do to put ourselves in a position to find the clues?

René challenged us to do what Jesus asked and pray for more workers. He suggested setting a daily alarm for 9:38 to remind us to pray for workers (9:38 to remind us of Matthew 9:38).  He has been doing this and felt that he has seen the progression we see in Jesus in the passage – to start noticing the crowd, to have compassion, to see the opportunities and, finally, to want to be the answer to his own prayer.

Stephan looked at Luke 10:1-9.

He asked what we thought the 72 were like, compared to us. Were they more qualified, better educated, more resourced, more knowledgeable? Probably not! How would you feel about being sent out like the 72 are?

Stephan said the crucial requirement is availability – everything else is the Holy Spirit. This is how Jesus can sent lambs out among wolves and they come back saying they’d succeeded!

Stephan defined mission as:

  • Go out
  • Do things you like
  • With people who like you

People are desperate for genuine community, and when this is mixed with the presence of God, it is an explosive combination!

What do you think this might look like? How do we include God in our church community and how do we make our communities outward facing?



Posted on 19th February 2018
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