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Ephesians 6:10-24


Take 2 minutes to relax. Pray and draw your focus to God. Thank God for something that has happened in the past day.

Giving the devil credit isn’t something I tend to do. I also tend not to see spiritual warfare in every aspect of life. Subsequently I don’t really think about the devil much. I regard it as a minor thing of no great importance. But Paul gives a warning to put on the armour of God – not because we might come across the devil if we are unlucky, but because you will come across him or his forces with sufficient frequency to need to stay alert and be persistent in prayers. Do you, like me, tend to neglect the armour of God on a regular basis because the devil feels irrelevant – leaving him able to work unchallenged?


Is there anything in the passage that impacts your relationship with God?


Are there ideas that need to be unpacked and worked through with those close to you?


Does the passage challenge you to respond to the world, to practically work out your faith?

Posted on 7th July 2017
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