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Ephesians 4:17-24


Take 2 minutes to relax. Pray and draw your focus to God. Thank God for something that has happened in the past day.

Old habits die hard, or so the saying goes. We can not change who we are overnight. This does not excuse us from trying though! There are many “worldly” habits and sins that I have cultured over the years but which I need to throw off. Some of them I have struggled with but others I ignore as just part of the environment. I let myself slip into living as a gentile to allow myself to fit in better within a gentile environment. I let their norms define me rather than God. I let these ways remain, grow and develop rather than recognise them as sinful and throw them off. And yet, even acknowledging this failure, I let the worldly view taint my perception of the sin, let it deaden my motivation to change. But here’s the good news – God is sending the holy spirit to help us change. He knows that left to our own devices we will fail without support. Do you have areas of your life that you need God’s help to change?


Is there anything in the passage that impacts your relationship with God?


Are there ideas that need to be unpacked and worked through with those close to you?


Does the passage challenge you to respond to the world, to practically work out your faith?

Posted on 28th June 2017
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