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Ephesians 4:1-16


Take 2 minutes to relax. Pray and draw your focus to God. Thank God for something that has happened in the past day.

I find some people can be hard to work with. The sort of person where your heart sinks when you know you need to do a task with them, or you groan when you pick up a project where they left off. I try to be tolerant but it can be hard. The hardest bit for me is not having the patience to work with them, although that can be hard, but trying not to join in negative gossip about them with others. In this I have failed on a weekly, if not daily basis for many years. This feels bad enough when it is in the workplace but when this conflict is with another person in the church it is doubly damaging. Part of the conflict (in my experience) is addressed by Paul in the second half of today’s passage.

We need to identify the role God has for us in the church, for in the wrong role we will be ineffective and if we are not in the right role we might be forcing someone else to fulfil that role badly. We are all called to play our part. Without speaking the truth in love, and equally listening for the truth in love, we will not know if we are in the wrong role or how we need to develop and change. If we are not doing this in love we will end up being the ill fitting part that causes conflict. If we know God has appointed someone for the role then it provides a major incentive not to gossip about them – are we supporting God in his plans for the church and the world or fighting them? Recognising God in a situation helps change the perspective!


Is there anything in the passage that impacts your relationship with God?


Are there ideas that need to be unpacked and worked through with those close to you?


Does the passage challenge you to respond to the world, to practically work out your faith?

Posted on 26th June 2017
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