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[Encounters With God] Rejecting Jesus

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Encounters With God

Jesus is rejected in his hometown

We’re looking at the gospel accounts of Jesus meeting people.  We’re going to stand in these people’s shoes and think about their encounter with Jesus and ask what it can teach us about the things that might make it difficult for us to draw close to God.

Today Dave looked at the story of the villagers in Nazareth rejecting Jesus.  He looked at the account in Mark 6:1-6 and Luke 4:16-22.

Dave talked about three issues the villagers faced in encountering God in Jesus.

  • Over familiarity led to complacency
  • Complacency led to arrogance
  • Arrogance led to fear of change


  • How might these three elements play a part in our experience of church? And how might this in turn mean we can miss God and what he wants to do?
  • Dave talked about how, instead of ‘sleepwalking’ through the usual church routine, we might wake up.  He said feeling uncomfortable stops us sleeping.
    • How could the church service be more uncomfortable for you (in a good way)?
    • How could this push us towards God?
  • What one thing could you do next Sunday?
  • Have the same discussion about your experience of small group? How might we be more uncomfortable in Core Group or Missional Community?


  • Dave talked about hearing stories of God at work as a great way to get God out of the box we try to put him in.
    • There are often two types of stories we hear about God doing something.  They’re both good.  There are the ones that make you go, “Wow, that’s amazing what God did and the person telling it is pretty inspiring too!”  And there are stories that make you go, “Wow, if God did that with them he can do it with me.”  Can you recognise the distinction between these two sorts of stories?  Do you have examples of either sort?
  • Try to get better at telling stories of God working.  The best way to get these stories is to start asking him to do things and then take risks!


  • We’re trying to encourage more engagement and response during the church service.  This includes things like people sharing words they feel are from God and also people being prepared to receive prayer and pray for others.
    • Why do you think this is sometimes hard to get going?  What personal resistance do you experience?  How can we deal with these feelings?
  • How can you practice these ideas in your Core Group?




Posted on 14th January 2019
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