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Crosslines Summer Meal

Every week, on a Monday night, a team from Vineyard feed homeless and vulnerably housed people at the Crossline Centre. Usually this is a one-pot meal with a bit of sliced bread, a pudding and a hot drink. It’s an essential service for some of the neediest people in the city.

However, last night Sarah and her team did an absolutely amazing job of putting on a summer meal for the guys.

For people who are struggling and poor the opportunity to make a choice is often a dignity they’re not afforded, so last night the guys could choose a three course meal from a menu, followed by tea or coffee and after-dinner chocolates. There was live music, courtesy of Jacob and Dave (including an impromptu jam with Ria, a girl who was at the meal but also has an amazing voice, a love of Adele and often is a busker on the High Street).

The new venue of St Matthew’s Church hall was transformed by the set up team with lights and table decorations, food was prepared on the night and before by a great team of cooks and then a team of smartly dressed waiters and waitresses served our guests.

A lot of hard work by a group of amazing people, but well worth it for such an excellent night. Our guests had a fantastic time with many of them expressing just how special an experience it was for them (some of them didn’t want to leave and worked their way through seconds and thirds!)



The place setting, with the brown sauce cropped out! See gallery for the non-fake-news picture including brown sauce!


Eden running the kitchen, including a very thorough system to ensure people got their three courses, despite people arriving at wildly different times and wanting to sit with their friends


The end is in sight – everyone has got their food, no one seems to be poisoned – everyone starts to relax


The clear up operation!


“What is this strange instrument?” Could this be Dave’s first time with a mop?


Posted on 22nd August 2017
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