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[1 Thess] Chapter 5

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1 Thessalonians

Chapter 5

We are working our way, a chapter each week through the book of 1 Thessalonians.  Today we looked at chapter 5.

Dave looked especially at verses 16 to 18.


Dave talked about Paul’s command to “Never stop praying” and suggested this is not so much about the formal prayers we might say, but living with a moment by moment awareness and connection with God in our lives.  He paraphrased that single verse as follows:

Always be with God, involving him in the everyday and mundane aspects of your lives. Communicating to God isn’t just the set times, words or rituals. It’s a continuous opening up of your life to his life – a moment by moment acceptance, awareness and invitation of his nearness to you and interest in you.

We thought about how the journey of growth and maturity in our faith is where God’s influence and presence in our lives gradually expands. We start by thinking God is only involved in our religious activities, but over time we understand God is actually interested and involved in our work, our family, our relationships, our thought-life, conversations we have, our finances, our parenting, when we’re stressed, when we’re busy, when we’re having fun, when things are going well…

Often we have a bit of a lightbulb moment – we suddenly realise that God is interested in a part of our life.  We had been trying to go it alone, in our own strength and suddenly we realise he’s there to help. Or there’s an area we were quite happy to keep God out of and then find out that he actually is there, even though we don’t want him!

Dave asked 5 people to share their lightbulb moments of times when they realised God wanted to be involved in a part of their life that they hadn’t realised before.

  • If Dave had asked you to share what lightbulb moments have you had about God being involved in part of your life?
  • What aspect of your life do you think God is currently knocking on the door? Has anything anyone shared – either on Sunday or in your Core Group – touched a nerve? Share and get prayer for it.





Posted on 22nd July 2018
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