What we do

Core Groups

Core Groups are small groups that meet in people’s home in and around the city. Groups take place during the week and run during the school term times (often throwing the odd social during this time).

An average Core group would contain a short activity to focus on God or worship together, a chance to discuss the theme of the previous Sunday’s message, time to pray together and copious amounts of tea, coffee and snacks!

We don’t assign people to Core Groups and you don’t need to put your name on a waiting list. Just choose a group, get in touch with the leaders on a Sunday or via the office and then go along and check it out. You don’t have to go back if you don’t like it, but we’re sure you’ll find the groups great!

If you’d like some help about choosing a group to try catch one of the leaders on Sunday or get in touch with the office. They can advise about locations, times and make up of the groups.

Si and Sal

Tuesdays | Si & Sal

Kenton @ 7:45pm weekly

Si and Sal live in Kenton with their two little girls. Si works for the YMCA and Sal is a nurse. This group is great if you are local to this area or are near the Countess Wear side of Exeter.

Llew and stella

Tuesdays | Llew & Stella

Pinhoe, Exeter @ 7:45pm weekly

Llew & Stella have spent many years living in South Africa and now make their home in Exeter with their two grown up children. Their group meets at their house in Pinhoe.

Terri and Barbara

Tuesdays | Terri & Barbara

Exmouth @ 7:30pm weekly

Terri is a retired art teacher and still enjoys all things creative. Barbara is a Psychotherapist Counsellor and is involved in Exeter Vineyard’s pastoral team. Their Core Group meets in Barbara’s home in Exmouth.


Various Times | Dave & Sarah

Tue/Wed nights, Sat afternoon

We want to create a loving, multigenerational community that supports us to grow in Jesus and to be light to the people and situations around us. We meet as guys and girls groups in the evening every other week. Once a month, on a Saturday afternoon, we meet together as whole families, hang out, eating together and having fun, while also focussing on God. We want these meetings to be a place where we can invite friends who are open and interested in a God-centred community. The Core Group is led by Dave and Sarah, with a leadership team of Ben, Hannah, Chris and Anna. Come and check us out. Contact the office and we’ll get in touch about the next time we’re getting together.

Phil and PJ

Wednesdays | Phil & PJ

Broadfields, Exeter @ 7:30pm weekly

Six sessions focusing on Marriage Enrichment (dates vary – please contact the office for more information)
Phil and PJ have three children and live in Broadfields, next to Heavitree in Exeter. PJ works for Exeter Vineyard as our Operations Manager.

Simon, Natalie, Adam and Hannah

Wednesdays | Simon, Natalie, Adam & Hannah

Whipton @ 7:30pm weekly

Simon and Natalie both teach in exeter and Adam is a PhD researcher at Exeter University and is married to Hannah. Their group meets in Simon and Natalie’s home in Whipton.

Mark and Judith

Wednesdays | Mark & Judith

Exeter @ 7:30pm weekly

Please contact Mark and Judith (via the church office) for more details about the group and venue.