What we do

Church is community. Sometimes we use the word to mean a building or the Sunday service, but really church is made up of people.

One of the ways the Bible describes the church is God’s family and that’s a pretty good picture, because Exeter Vineyard is made up of people like you and me (and including a few weird aunts and uncles!) Everyone’s welcome to participate in our family life.

Understanding this family metaphor is helpful, because church isn’t really about what we do, but the invisible network of relationships that are formed between God and people and people and people. Everything we do is to increasingly connect in those two ways

Find out about our Sunday service here.

Our children’s activities are called Splash – more information here

People also connect around interests and life stages – we call these communities

Every Sunday someone does a talk about everyday life from the Bible. You can catch up on old taks on our Podcast page.