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In this series, we explore the idea of the soul and how you can take care of yours.

[Soul Hacks] Asking For Help
We all know a good person is a helpful person and offering to help others is really important. But to have a healthy soul we also need to be asking for help. We need to understand we are people of limited capabilities and we are made to be dependant on each other in a loving community. Today, we celebrate the dedication of Harrie, Annabelle and Elizabeth; a ceremony where the parents ask for help from their friends and family, the church and God. Dave talks about how we can ask for help and what problems in our soul might make this difficult. We think about the Beginner’s Class of Asking For Help, where we look for others to help us when we find ourselves stuck. And we also think about the Advanced Class; living our whole life in a posture of asking for help. When we understand the abundant life God has on offer for us to live we realise we can’t manage this in our own strength and we have to continually go to God to ask for his help to live the loving, generous, merciful, truthful life he has for us.