Two-thousand years ago, two-thousand miles away, a baby was born to a dirt-poor family. He spent the first few years of his life as a refugee and then grew up in a totally unimportant village in an obscure corner of the great Roman Empire.

Yet now, two-thousand years later and all across the globe we still remember him; Jesus, who changed the world!

He never raised an army, amassed a fortune or wrote a book. In fact he was executed as a criminal, abandoned by his small band of followers.

Jesus-mosaic-300x189But the story didn’t end there. On the third day after his crucifixion people started saying they’d seen Jesus… no longer dead, not a ghost, not a hallucination, but alive. It was this realisation that motivated men and women to take the message – the Good News about what God was doing for us all – to the ends of the earth, in the process risking pain, discomfort and even death!

And this is why, here in Exeter in 2015, we still centre everything around Jesus; God who came to earth to rescue us.

God who set aside his divine privileges, took on human form and lived life with all the limitations we experience, ultimately suffering and dying in our place.

This radical idea is what motivates us as a church and as people. We seek to be a Jesus-centred community of people always seeking to discover the reality of Jesus and to continue on that journey.

Throughout history people, places and situations have been transformed because of Jesus. Perhaps you’ve tried all sorts ways to find peace or purpose, but perhaps you should try Jesus?

We welcome people who are curious about Jesus and want to think, explore and ask questions without being judged or preached to.

It might be worth checking out, because above anything we think Jesus is Good News for everyone and every situation.

Here’s a great video about what Jesus does in our lives – even though he doesn’t get a mention by name until 4-and-a-half minutes in!