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Sharing Sunday
Today we ask Caroline White and Mark Stanbury to share something that God is doing in their lives. There was no forward planning or arranging, but as ever, a strong theme emerges! Some great thoughts and stories about how the Holy Spirit helps us live well, in all areas of our lives.
God Comes Through! (News from Malawi)
Today we’re joined by Dan and Suzy Dugmore, leaders of the YWAM base in Blantyre, Malawi. They’re ex-Exeter Vineyarders and, as they always do when they visit, they bring an exciting message this morning. Come what may, God always wins! An Exeter Vineyard Church message Sunday 7th June 2015 Speaker: Dan Dugmore
God's Dreams for Jars of Clay
Today we’re joined by Emmanuel Qureshi, pastor of Aradhna Vineyard in Delhi, India. He shares how God works to fulfil the dreams he gives us.
Three Stories
This morning we hear from Sally, Josh and Ben. They were asked to share on something they felt led to talk about and we got three terrific insights into how God works with us!
Minute To Win It Opportunities
Our All-Together Service, where all ages get together and we hear what each group has been doing. Today we played Minute To Win It Games and then Dave talked about the minute opportunities we get to do good and help people experience something of God's goodness
[Misc Talk] Jesus - The Original Action Man
Today Daniel, Tim and Adam share how a story about Jesus has spoken to them.
Changing Rivers
Who are my neighbours, really?
Si looks at the parable of the Good Samaritan and gives us a few examples of how he and his team at work have tried to apply it's lesson of being neighbourly to their work.
[Miscellaneous] Story Sunday
Mel, Phil and Hannah talk about what God is doing in their life
[Miscellaneous] Promise, Process, Provision
Dan and Suzy share on what they’ve been up to in Malawi over the last 2 years, and then Dan talks about how God works in our life.