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Who’s Who

Here’s a few details about some of the people who help make Exeter Vineyard church happen:

Dave & Sarah

Dave & Sarah Vinall

Senior Pastors

Dave and Sarah started leading the church in 2005. They had no real plan to be church leaders, so it was a bit more like a divine hijacking! They both have a passion to make church accessible for people of all backgrounds and ages. They’re convinced church should be fully relevant and practical for our modern lives. They have 2 children, Oscar and Tilly.

Dave likes Tottenham Hotspur, music that Sarah thinks is ‘depressing’ and (for some reason) films about post-apocalyptic survivors. He has a degree in Visual Arts and harbours ambitions to one day invent a card game (so far he has the name, “Empire”, but not the rules).

Sarah loves reading, warmth (or rather she hates being cold) and peace-and-quiet. Her ambition is to one day find peace-and-quiet that lasts more than 5 minutes. She also has a degree in Visual Arts (it’s where she met Dave) and worked as a graphic designer for 11 years before she started working 3 days a week for the church in 2009.

PJ Skedgell

PJ Skedgell

Operations Manager

PJ works in the office 4 days a week. She was headhunted to work for Exeter Vineyard over a burger … she didn’t stand a chance.

She helps make the church tick from behind the scenes involving anything from the day-to-day, through to the strategic. She’s the person to contact if you need some general information or would like to volunteer to help.

She is married to Phil and has three children. She has a degree in Psychology and is currently using her expertise to research the truth of the maxim: ‘You don’t have to be mad to work here, but it helps…’

She loves making amazing novelty cakes and her dream superpower would be the ability to replicate herself in more than one place at any one time.

Alan Blackburn

Alan Blackburn

Sundays Area Leader

Alan oversees the myriad of factors that go on behind the scenes to make our Sunday services happen – ensuring we have seats to sit on, signs to direct us, PA to hear, coffee to drink and so on. He is married to Jane and they have two boys currently going through university. He is a fan of Formula 1 and Manchester Utd. Alan works as a deputy headmaster in a secondary school.

PJ Skedgell

Car Parking Team Leader

Jacob Blackburn

Elevate Team Leader

Adam Porter & Sarah Vinall

Launch Team Leaders

Marilyn Grigorey

Hospitality Leader

Chris & Anna Harper

Little Stars Leaders

Warren & Melanie Tennant

Set Up Leaders

Jim & Mary Townsend

Visitor’s Welcome Team Leaders

Simon Osmond & Jacob Blackburn

Worship Team Leaders