About Us

Exeter Vineyard Church is a Christian church in the city of Exeter in Southwest England. We hold all the same core beliefs as other churches, but our style is very relaxed and informal – this is just the way we enjoy expressing our faith. We have three areas that are key to how we live out our beliefs – Purpose, Practices and Philosophy.


Why we exist

We have four ideas to help us remain focused on our mission:

Connect – We exist to help people connect with God.
People have been designed to have a relationship with God and so we want to help people discover and deepen their relationship with God – whether they’ve been around church for ages, or they’re still exploring what they believe.

Grow – We exist to help people grow towards the person they were created to be.
In the Bible (Ephesians 1:4) it says that before God created a single thing he was thinking of us. Of you! And the you he thought of was the perfect version of you; you without insecurities, fear, baggage, sin or mess. None of us are that person now, but this is God’s plan for our lives; to help us grow into that person. We want to work with God to help people on that journey

Equip – We exist to help people be equipped to use their uniqueness in service of God’s Kingdom.
We believe everyone is a unique individual and has a unique part to play in God’s kingdom. Equipping is about learning to use what God has given us to encourage others and expand God’s kingdom, whether in a church setting or our everyday life.

Impact – We exist to impact the world around us and change it for the better.
Church is not a club for Christians – it’s a radical, counter-cultural force to bring transformation to the world; one person and situation at a time. Christ-followers are here to plant seeds of the kingdom in our city – individually to our friends, family, neighbours and colleagues, and together to areas of need in the city and beyond.


How To Be A Part Of Exeter Vineyard

We have four practices that we’ve found really help people become part of our church family:

Sunday Service – This is our family gathering, where we meet to encourage one another, worship God together and to consider the Bible. It’s a great place to get a sense of what God is doing and to take time out of our hectic and busy lives to focus on him.

Small Groups – These are a great place to get to know others and to be known. God has made us to be relational and he works in our lives through the people around us. Unlike the Sunday Services, where you’re part of a large crowd, in a Small Group you can join in and contribute. Our main Small Groups are called Core Groups. They’re also the place where we do pastoral care in Exeter Vineyard.

Serving on a Team – We believe people are designed to help others. Serving on a Team is an opportunity to use our talents, strengths, time and energy to benefit other people. It’s also a great place to meet people and find a place in the church. Doing church is a team activity.

Sacrificial Giving – Pursuing the mission God has given us costs money. We have no external income, all our costs are met by the generosity of the church. We use the word sacrificial because investment in something important should cost us. In the Bible sacrificial giving is a way to worship God so this is part of our spirituality. The church finances are well governed by trustees and legal requirements.


How We Do Ministry

We try to put these four values into every activity we do:

Important – Everything we do is significant – from setting out chairs or serving coffee on a Sunday morning, to grassroots activities reaching out to the city. Life is too short, and too busy, to do things just because we’ve always done them.

Stretching – What we do should stretch us out of our comfort zone. Not only because this is how we grow, but also we want to be doing things we can’t do in our own strength. Then we absolutely need God to be involved.

Together – When we step out to try something uncomfortable we need to know we’re part of a supportive team; all in this together. Not only does this help us be brave, but it also helps us to have fun…

Joy – We want to enjoy doing ministry. Not to say that sometimes it won’t be a bit of a slog, but overall we want to have fun, laugh and enjoy what we’re doing. And this is our experience; as we do things that are important, even though they’re tough, we’re part of a family that has a laugh! As we often say, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we do take God seriously!


We are part of the Vineyard Movement of Churches – there are over 100 Vineyard Churches in the UK and thousands worldwide. Exeter Vineyard has been meeting in Exeter since 1995 and Dave and Sarah have been leading the church since 2005.

We’re also connected with the Dehradun Vineyard Church. Exeter Vineyard was involved in helping plant the church in the city of Dehradun in Northern India 18 years ago. Since then we’ve maintained the relationship with them, supporting, visiting and staying in touch.

We are part of the national EA organisation and locally we partner with other churches in the city.